Testing and Getting Started With Berard AIT

How to:

Contact the practitioner and explore candidacy assessment.

Read all about AIT and determine with the practitioner, If the individual is a strong candidate for AIT. There are certain medications that might conflict with the efficacy of AIT (ototoxic meds) and there are some life-style choice and activities that also may conflict. If you decide to move forward, create a 10 day training schedule and place a deposit to hold the space.

Audio testing is conducted by AAR along with the informal Candidacy Assessment if the individual can attend to the listening test. (Tones are administered for 11 threshold values in both ears for approx. 20 minutes.)

The purpose of testing is to gain information about candidacy and to determine filtering for the session. It also provides a baseline that can be checked after AIT.

If a potential candidate cannot be tested, he/she can still receive AIT using the open filtered Berard protocol.(A child needs to be developmentally about 6 years of age and be able to attend to many tones delivered via headphones and respond to “do you hear it?” for about 20 minutes.

One week prior to starting training, the candidate must have an ear health check (with his/her doctor) to be sure that AIT is being performed with healthy middle ears. There should be no infection or fluid in the ears. The program is complete after 10 hours in 10 days. This is also important because the AIT will not be effective if the ears are not clear.

Tor assessment and training to get started, contact:


info@aittoday.com - Please place AIT in the subject line of emails.

Thank you!