Tutoring – Ages 3 -12

Tutoring – Ages 3 -12

Tutoring is offered in 3 week blocks of time, according to the schedule determined by the parent and practitioner/teacher.


Subjects: Math, Language, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Geography

AAR works with children who benefit by having guided study time at home. Children may be in middle school or younger, and need help with studies.

For younger children, parents may have AAR provide devopmentally-oriented experiences that parents and therapists are working on.

AAR works well as a team with any early childhood teacher, school aged staff, evaluator, therapist and/or health care clinician’s directives. For example, a young child with expressive language delays might have 3 hours play and learning time a week with AAR. Such would be planned to be aligned with and support the parents and therapists’ goals .

Clients who have tutoring and other learning time through AAR may or may not have a diagnosis for a conditions like ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), Learning Disorder, dyslexia, and autism.

AAR offers a student the benefits of a teacher who has years of experience in Montessori Education with children of all ages. Montessori is based upon child development and how children learn. Montessori uses sequential learning that goes from concrete to abstract and from simple to complex.

AAR helps out with various learning needs that have been identified by parents and possibly by health care clinicians. We learn as much as we can about how to best serve the client we’re working with. AAR’s goal is to fully support the client and parents by considering OT, SLP, PT, ABA, dietary, etc., directives in the setting learning goals.

If a team already works with a child under parents’ direction, AAR’s wants its own services to be aligned with these others already at work for the child. Understanding the full picture gives AAR the opportunity to the create learning experiences that parents are looking for.

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